Are You Leaving Intent Value on the Table?


How to Get Full Value from Intent


Already using intent in B2B demand generation? Great! And are you using intent to its full potential? Probably not. This webinar explains why many marketers miss out on the full value of intent and what you can do about it, even now during COVID-19.


Why traditional B2B demand generation is broken

The old funnel-centric, "intent signal only" model typically identifies organizations at top-of-funnel for display or other targeting. Once an account converts, their intent essentially disappears from the picture.

Sound familiar? You're leaving intent value on the table if you're:

  • Just using intent signals for top-of-funnel retargeting or display
  • Not thinking about intent in terms of buying group signals
  • Only looking at whether generic trend volume is up or down
  • Not using the contextual value of intent data for personalization

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Move from Signals to Strategy

Many B2B organizations just focus on binary intent signals that simply say someone is interested in a topic or they're not. Useful intel for account selection and prioritization, but Marketing misses out on the bigger strategic value of intent signals.

How do you translate intent signals into strategy?

Attend this webinar to find out.

Strategy takes intent signals to the next level, not just as a domain showing interest, but who in that organization and as a buying group is active. When marketers use intent to contextualize and personalize outreach, they see an increase in conversion rates.

How do you use intent to contextualize B2B marketing?

Attend this webinar to find out.

9 More Things You'll Learn in this Webinar

  1. Go from treating all intent as just a binary signal of interest at a point in time, to a more strategic approach where topic, timing, source and even contact provide context.
  2. If a buying group shows intent, that's a much stronger opportunity than only domain-level intent. Get seven must-do's for uncovering hidden opportunities in buying groups.
  3. While some only consider third-party data, all forms of prospect behavioral data can be potential signals of buyer intent. Get a deep dive on the Forrester SiriusDecisions intent data framework.
  4. How identity triangulation spots intent signals, even as more business buyers (and buying groups) work from home.
  5. How to spot opportunities even in times of crisis and pivot messaging around spiking topics.
  6. Rethink, redefine or expand your target account list. Get a different look at available, target and active accounts and how to narrow down to those most likely to convert.
  7. How to use intent signals to create personalized experiences that drive buyer journeys, versus just putting signals into CRM or passing them to sales.
  8. Take a more strategic view of how intent can enhance cross sell, upsell and contract retention strategies to engage appropriately.
  9. How intent data impacts every part of a revenue process, not just top of funnel. Move beyond using intent just as a sales qualifier or prospecting signal.

Learn from B2B Demand Generation Experts

Yes, it's a lot to cover in under 45 minutes, but you'll find that these experts pull it off. Wherever you are with your intent strategy, use these ideas to stop leaving value on the table!

About Malachi Threadgill and Forrester


Principal Analyst, Demand and Account-Based Marketing


Malachi brings deep practitioner chops to his role as an analyst. He spent nearly 20 years in the field implementing marketing strategies for telecommunications and software-as-a-service organizations. As a marketing transformation leader, Malachi aligned marketing strategies with a shifting sales model to drive direct and indirect business. He also led demand generation and developed account-based marketing (ABM) and business development rep programs. These helped align sales, operations and marketing, ultimately resulting in a 200% increase in marketing-attributed monthly recurring revenue YOY, 85% accuracy of bookings within total addressable market, and a 54% lift in win rate on ABM accounts.

About Jodie Twitchell and True Influence


Senior Director, Product Management


An advocate for the sound practices of good product management, Jodie defines the product strategy and roadmap for the InsightBase sales and marketing intelligence platform. She understands how to leverage buyer intent data to help companies accelerate sales pipeline and increase account engagement. A self-proclaimed geek, she's proud to have consistently created award-winning products and reinvigorated sales in every leadership role.

About True Influence

True Influence is a demand generation company that accelerates B2B sales revenue. We expertly leverage data, technology and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and share detailed results and insights to help you win new business. True Influence generates revenue across multiple industries, promoting brands and products from successful global companies that include well-established blue-chip brands like IBM, Microsoft and Cisco. Our innovation earned us the 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Influencer Marketing Management Platform, the 2019 B2B Innovator Awards for C-Suite Strategy and People's Choice, and the 2019 RELE Award for Sales Enablement.

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