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How data implementation has evolved and expanded

Phil Branon

Data Services & Digital Media Executive, Entrepreneur & Advisor | Branon Advisory Services

The timing of this conversation couldn’t be better, because data couldn’t be bigger. Who wouldn’t want to hear what’s on Phil’s mind these days, when it comes to using data in B2B? In our constant battle to drive revenue and profitability, his advice comes from the experience of co-founding, building and selling two digital media startups, as well as scaling revenue in larger organizations. Dive in.

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B2B Engagement: Take Risks on Fresh Ideas Part 2

with Chris Walker

Chris brings a potent combination of chops in Revenue Operations, Growth Marketing and Buyer Enablement. He’s said to provide more free content per day than just about anyone on LinkedIn. Even better, his experience comes from actually trying and doing, not theory. Get ideas on smashing industry norms and how to do things faster, easier and for less money.

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Know your past. Live your present. Prepare for your future.

with Christian Klepp

What’s creating problems for your B2B demand gen today? B2B marketers and business owners face a hoard of challenges, and who doesn’t appreciate another set of experienced eyes on a problem? Christian is a go-to resource who helps B2B brands of all sizes find and use their competitive uniqueness. Get his tips in this videocast.

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How Evangelistic Programs Shape Social Engagement and Reach

with James Carbary

James is a gifted visionary, who sees trends where others see noise. His team coined the term “Content-Based Networking” in 2018, and he hungers to help others hit their goals through content. James values the importance of relationship building, and connects with countless marketers on a regular basis to share his knowledge, like in this videocast!

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How to to give integrated marketing campaigns more love

with Marcio Barros

As part of a respected digital marketing agency, Marcio has upped the digital game of multiple Fortune 500 companies. As a marketing pro with an engineering background and an MBA from UCSD, he brings a decidedly different mindset to brand management. His mission: lasting contributions to the profit of companies. Hear what ideas this certified strategist has for you.

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Motivate Your B2B Sales Team for Virtual Success

with Christine Volden

What is “quiet selling”? What does “intuitive business” look like? As a mentor and coach, Christine has introduced these concepts to hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs. She knows the secrets of scaling sales teams and improving process efficiency. In other words, you’ll come away from this videocast with fresh ideas that might be just what your organizati on needs right now.

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Reassessing Marketing Practices for the B2B Marketer

with Deborah Fell

Deborah helps CEOs grow businesses from the marketing side. Unlike most consulting firms, her CMOs (Chief Marketing Outsiders) embed within the CEO suite to define the vision and turn it into growth. Hear why she’s a believer in keeping strategies actionable and using analytics to jump on areas of slow growth.

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