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To communicate with your customer, know your value

Marcus Cauchi

HyperGrowth Expert and Fractional CRO

CEOs and channel leaders turn to Marcus Cauchi for the framework, strategy and tools to develop and sustain productive, mutually beneficial partnerships. With his help, disruptive technology founders build profitable global sales operations fast, without the wheels coming off. Catch this episode for immediate techniques to dramatically improve the quality of your prospecting.

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Listen in on topical discussions of what's currently impacting revenue growth.
Ron Hudson interviews the top experts and specialists and bring you practical insight and guidance.

Global B2B Marketing in a Smaller World

with Wendy Pease

With so many of us working, marketing and selling virtually, the world has become screen-sized. Digital business is on the rise, and for global marketers, this puts renewed emphasis on the challenges of reaching a wider set of buyers. Sit back and learn from an expert with deep experience in communicating with global audiences.

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A Sales Perspective on B2B Marketing Today

with Peter Larkin

Peter leads the charge for global sales and customer success at True Influence. His expertise in managing global and virtual sales teams, his talent for data-driven technology sales, and his close customer relationships is a formula for hitting aggressive growth targets and record profits. Improve your sales and marketing alignment with the advice in this episode.

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Business Planning Post-Pandemic

with Michael VanPatten

Innovation without planning doesn’t get you very far. That’s the motivation behind the serious planning at True Influence. CFO Michael VanPatten conceptualizes productivity innovation and oversees its implementation. His strength in catching trends well before they become standards adds weight to his strategic guidance. The “CFO of the Year” Finalist is known for taking on the tough projects. Highly credentialed himself, he’s taught MBA classes in finance, marketing and management and authored several articles. See what you’ll learn in this episode.

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This Is Your Time - Sell as Yourself

with Liz Wendling

For authentic sales strategies and modern selling skills, no one is more on point than coach, consultant and trainer, Liz Wendling. Find out why NOW is the time to reset lead conversion and update your virtual and face-to-face sales approaches. Liz shares insights and advice to help you create a predictable flow of amazing clients and income.

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The Influence of SEO on Your Marketing Spend

with Eli Schwartz

Eli speaks to marketers across the globe, and his columns appear in Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Journal. Outlets from the Huffington Post to the Y Combinator blog feature his work. Clients like Shutterstock, Quora and Zendesk benefit from his global SEO strategies to grow organic visibility at scale. Got your attention yet? Yes, this videocast will be that good.

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How to Build Your Virtual Company, From Employees to Leadership

with Brian Giese

Brian is a true visionary when it comes to virtual work and to marketing and sales. It’s no surprise he received the 2019 B2B Innovator People’s Choice Award. His vision and methods also laid the foundation for the category “Intent Monitoring” at a time when the concept was still new to demand generation leaders.

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