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Self-Service Content Engagement and the B2B Buyer Journey

Greg Dickinson

Chief Executive Officer | Omedym | Author “The Convenience Economy”

Greg helps companies increase the watchability of their digital assets for self-service engagement. Self-service engagement means going from a traditional push model to a modern “consume” model through watchable assets. What a great way to deliver content! B2B buyers already consume content independently 24/7, and Greg explains how to analyze viewer interest and intent to better align with their journeys.

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How to Onboard New Employees in the Virtual B2B Space

with Rick Lambert

The winner of too many awards to list here, Rick has coached 500+ companies and thousands of B2B salespeople. The “Smarketing Guy” shares his views on rethinking how to market and sell in a virtual climate. (Smarketing integrates sales and marketing processes to drive favorable business outcomes.) But don’t forget about integrating people into that equation. Here’s what B2B companies need to know to pivot from traditional hiring models.

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How to Align Marketing and Sales with Intent Data

with Aristomenis Capogeannis

Ari brings a sharp focus on growth marketing and go-to-market strategies to his roles. He applies “people-based marketing” to drive growth in technical sectors like networking and automation. His goal is to empower Sales, Partner and Customer teams to drive more pipeline. Without question, you’ll learn a lot in this videocast interview.

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The Company Influence on the Customer’s Journey

with Roger McDonald

As an international businessman, Roger brings a unique and proven perspective on what it takes to connect with customers. His knowledge of Asian markets and of business in general is freely shared. His insights on how to integrate cultural concerns with business requirements have helped many organizations, including yours, if you watch this podcast today.

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To communicate with your customer, know your value

with Marcus Cauchi

CEOs and channel leaders turn to Marcus Cauchi for the framework, strategy and tools to develop and sustain productive, mutually beneficial partnerships. With his help, disruptive technology founders build profitable global sales operations fast, without the wheels coming off. Catch this episode for immediate techniques to dramatically improve the quality of your prospecting.

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Global B2B Marketing in a Smaller World

with Wendy Pease

With so many of us working, marketing and selling virtually, the world has become screen-sized. Digital business is on the rise, and for global marketers, this puts renewed emphasis on the challenges of reaching a wider set of buyers. Sit back and learn from an expert with deep experience in communicating with global audiences.

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A Sales Perspective on B2B Marketing Today

with Peter Larkin

Peter leads the charge for global sales and customer success at True Influence. His expertise in managing global and virtual sales teams, his talent for data-driven technology sales, and his close customer relationships is a formula for hitting aggressive growth targets and record profits. Improve your sales and marketing alignment with the advice in this episode.

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