On-demand Webinar:

“How to Go the Distance in ABM”

Everything for account-based marketing with staying power

We love the idea of account-based marketing, but the thing is, you have to stay in it to win it. It's not about lead
generation -- ABM is relationship generation, and it takes time and work to go the distance.


How Good B2B Marketing Gets Done

ABM is becoming the standard for how good B2B marketing gets done, so the sooner you commit, the better.
Selecting and sticking with a strategy is your first step. Watching this webinar to learn what else to do should
come soon after. You'll get ideas and advice:

Why focus on fewer accounts and existing customers

Stand out with account-centric customer experience

Get insights and analytics to validate marketing spend

Leverage programs to align with buying group journeys

Optimize engagement to create better customer experiences

Set up systems and use data to do some of the work

This webinar brings three experts who share top-level ideas and guidance you can apply to your own ABM
plans immediately.

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What to expect:

Get a deep-dive view of account-based marketing best practices from Laura Ramos of Forrester.

Learn how Rita Rosenberg and other B2B marketers at Delphix make account-based marketing the centerpiece of their demand generation.

Explore how to use intent and integrated platforms for high-endurance ABM from Jodie Twitchell of True Influence.

Meet the Webinar Experts

About Laura Ramos and Forrester

Laura Ramos
Vice President/Principal Analyst serving B2B marketers

Laura is a well-regarded speaker and moderator at such venues as the ANA, BMA, ITSMA national user conference and the MarketingProfs' B2B Forum. She was named to BtoB Magazine's "Who's Who" list four times, and BtoB twice named her to its list of "Top 25 Digital Marketers." So it's no surprise that Laura helps B2B marketers plan, build and deliver marketing programs that combine traditional and digital approaches, create thought leadership and fuel top-line growth. Her research addresses the skills, technology, processes and customer experience concerns that top B2B marketers face, as we cope with the evolution in buyer behavior, markets, channels and competition. You'll want to hear what she's got to say about account-based anything.

About Forrester Research

Forrester analyzes the most pressing business, marketing and technology matters across the globe. They imagine the possibilities of change, and provide a clear vision of the future. www.forrester.com

About Rita Rosenberg and Delphix

Rita Rosenberg
Senior Manager, Global Campaigns 

Rita is a data-driven demand generation marketer, drawing on 9+ years of experience strategizing, designing, and implementing global marketing campaigns. She is focused on engaging customers through ABM, and increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and sales growth at Delphix.

About Delphix

Delphix, the industry leader in DataOps, accelerates digital transformation for global enterprises. The Delphix DataOps Platform combines enterprise-wide data coverage with data compliance to enable modern CI/CD workflows, accelerate the journey to the cloud, ensure compliance, transform customer experiences and increase the adoption of disruptive AI technologies. www.delphix.com.

About Jodie Twitchell and True Influence

Jodie Twitchell
Senior Director, Product Management

An advocate for the sound practices of good product management, Jodie defines the product strategy and roadmap for the InsightBase sales and marketing intelligence platform. She understands how to leverage buyer intent data to help companies accelerate sales pipeline and increase account engagement. A self-proclaimed geek, she’s proud to have consistently created award-winning products and reinvigorated sales in every leadership role.

About True Influence

We work with enterprise sales and marketing teams to explore B2B marketing automation solutions. The volume of data we consume has grown to 60 million pieces daily! We use this information -- this intent data -- to target business decision makers actively researching a purchase decision. The intent monitoring technology at the cornerstone of our success continues to evolve, such as the recently announced True Influence Marketing Cloud.

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