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B2B Sales Leadership Tips: How to be an Effective Frontliner

David Weiss

Enterprise Sales Leader | Author | Speaker | Podcaster | Sales Coach | Aspiring Cook

A self-described sales process geek, David cares strongly about leadership, strategy, operations, marketing, training and employee development. His topline philosophy: Winning is about proper execution and always putting the client's needs first. One fan recognized him by borrowing a quote from John Maxwell, “David is a leader "who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." Sounds like a perfect guest for Accelerating Revenue!

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Importance of Creativity in B2B Marketing

with Steve Gershik

Many have heard Steve speak at SXSW Interactive, DMA, AMA, SiriusDecisions Summit, AdTech and other learning events. He's consulted by technology startups, growth-stage firms needing revenue processes and publicly traded companies needing teams of modern marketers. No surprise then he’s one of the Top 50 Most Influential Leaders in Sales Lead Management. So get ready for creative thinking and practical ideas.

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How to Build Sales Enablement Practices for a Better Future?

with Roderick Jefferson

Roderick understands how to leverage cutting-edge technologies to decrease time to revenue, increase sales productivity and deploy scalable coaching. In his global sales enablement consultancy, results are time-bound and metrics-focused to ensure sales and customer success professionals have the strategy, resources and skills for sustainable growth. Watch for ideas to help decrease time-to-revenue and increase productivity in a virtual selling world.

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Transitioning from Field to Inside Sales Made Easy

with Bob Perkins

Bob’s mission is to help lead the Inside and Digital Sales profession to the next level of professionalism and performance. His guidance is especially relevant now, with so much selling moved into the digital and virtual realms. Watch to learn about elevating the role of inside sales professionals and increasing their value to your businesses.

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Secrets to Moving the Needle on Mega Deals

with Jamal Reimer

For B2B sellers, mega deals are the holy grail. Yet many companies lack a good process for finding and closing uncommonly large deals. Having won multiple $50M+ SaaS deals, Jamal developed the Mega Deal Secrets masterclass to teach the art of whale hunting to enterprise sellers. Now this videocast lets B2B marketers and sales also learn from his unique knowledge.

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How to Win More Deals with a Unique Business Strategy

with Khalid Saleh

Khalid’s expertise combines experimentation and conversion rate optimization with testing, heatmaps, session replays and online polling. He’s helped hundreds of well-established brands and fast-growing startups increase online sales through AB testing. When he makes a recommendation, you know it’s been thoroughly vetted. He’s been featured in conferences around the world and on BBC, CNN, MSNBC and France 24. Settle in for some seriously good advice on business strategy.

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Artificial Intelligence for B2B Selling in a Virtual World

with Lisa Palmer

Lisa keeps a close eye on artificial Intelligence at the intersection of business, academia and government oversight. Her fact-based approach to problem solving helps organizations pivot to new business models, fix what’s broken, and create quick, sustainable growth-to-scale. Learn how to create and implement business strategies for a virtual world that focus on technology and data.

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