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How Video Transforms the B2B Marketing Experience

Angela Ferrante

Founder and CEO | Laudable

From rookie start-up CMO to founder of Laudable, Angela is your go-to for how to create authentic, engaging, custom-branded content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video. Laudable puts customers at the center of the story, leveraging video for a better customer experience. You’ll never think about case studies, brochures and other business content in the same way.

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Unique Virtual Sales Methodology for B2B Companies

with Rick Lambert

The winner of too many awards to list here, Rick has coached 500+ companies and thousands of B2B salespeople. The “Smarketing Guy” shares his views on rethinking how to market and sell in a virtual climate. (Smarketing integrates sales and marketing processes to drive favorable business outcomes.) But don’t forget about integrating people into that equation. Here’s what B2B companies need to know to pivot from traditional hiring models.

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How AI Powers Your B2B Sales Process

with Chad Burmeister

His passion -- “Helping Regular People Become the Greatest Sales Professionals in the World” -- is no small feat, but Chad does it with skill. Part of his method involves showing Founders, CEOs and CROs how to use artificial intelligence to dominate markets. Following his advice, entrepreneurs have generated thousands of meetings and millions in pipeline and bookings. Watch and learn.

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B2B Sales Leadership Tips: How to be an Effective Frontliner

with David Weiss

A self-described sales process geek, David cares strongly about leadership, strategy, operations, marketing, training and employee development. His topline philosophy: Winning is about proper execution and always putting the client's needs first. One fan recognized him by borrowing a quote from John Maxwell, “David is a leader "who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." Sounds like a perfect guest for Accelerating Revenue!

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Importance of Creativity in B2B Marketing

with Steve Gershik

Many have heard Steve speak at SXSW Interactive, DMA, AMA, SiriusDecisions Summit, AdTech and other learning events. He's consulted by technology startups, growth-stage firms needing revenue processes and publicly traded companies needing teams of modern marketers. No surprise then he’s one of the Top 50 Most Influential Leaders in Sales Lead Management. So get ready for creative thinking and practical ideas.

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How to Build Sales Enablement Practices for a Better Future?

with Roderick Jefferson

Roderick understands how to leverage cutting-edge technologies to decrease time to revenue, increase sales productivity and deploy scalable coaching. In his global sales enablement consultancy, results are time-bound and metrics-focused to ensure sales and customer success professionals have the strategy, resources and skills for sustainable growth. Watch for ideas to help decrease time-to-revenue and increase productivity in a virtual selling world.

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Transitioning from Field to Inside Sales Made Easy

with Bob Perkins

Bob’s mission is to help lead the Inside and Digital Sales profession to the next level of professionalism and performance. His guidance is especially relevant now, with so much selling moved into the digital and virtual realms. Watch to learn about elevating the role of inside sales professionals and increasing their value to your businesses.

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