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Activating Intent Data for Sales and Marketing Success

Alexander Brockman

VP of Sales & Marketing at CSG Solutions

Alex’s career has focused on growth, marketing, brand transformation and change management for top financial organizations and other businesses that support them. In each role, his top concern has been knowing the importance of the consumer's physical and digital journey and experience. He’s helped companies meet their goals by unleashing data-driven technology solutions. Listen to this episode for ideas on how you can do the same.

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How to Manage the Impact of Intent Data

with Laz Gonzales

As a prominent industry analyst and thought leader, Laz brings unparalleled expertise, including eight years as an analyst covering the B2B channel marketplace. His teams have published extensively on channel management, partner recruitment, enablement and lead generation. His goal is transformative frameworks for clients to drive adoption of better channel management practices. Listen to this episode for ideas for your channel programs.

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Networking in a New Age: How to Utilize Trust in B2B

with Tien Wong

In this episode, Tien Wong shares the positives of virtual networking meetings and pitches, as B2B marketers are forced to focus interactions online. Listen to learn how your business can press into the new opportunity of automation technology.

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How to Find Hidden ROI in ABM innovations

with Masha Finkelstein

Masha brings to the table 15 years of marketing experience and highlights benefits of efficient testing tools and strategy. She says there’s value not only in seeing what’s working, but also knowing where your pain points are. Some of those tools include intent data, and Masha highlights the power it has to help you find your hidden ROI.

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How to Adopt and Win With Purpose-driven B2B Demand Generation

with Michael Brenner

If you struggle with declining website traffic, too few inbound leads, costly ads or content that don't engage, maybe what your brand lacks is empathy. Now more than ever, marketers must use authenticity in communications, and Michael advises that empathy defeats “mean” and leads to more revenue. Listen as he explains how to understand your brand purpose and live that mission in practical ways.

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How to Go from a “Learning Company” to a Trusted Brand

with Meagen Eisenberg

Meagen is known for quickly optimizing business practices and improving poor performance areas, while developing new strategic imperatives. As a forward thinker, she leverages big data and technology to deliver future growth and sustainable revenue paths. Listen for advice on how to reinvent and go back to “school” to be a stronger brand.

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How to Use Intent Data for Better UX and Conversions

with Geoff Rego

Hushly is only one of the businesses Geoff Rego built from the ground up, so wise B2B marketers pay attention when he talks about things like intent, content and leads. His technology helps marketers increase landing page conversions by 50%. Listen to this episode to learn why this is a good time for B2B marketers to “prime the pump” with content.

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