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B2B Marketing During COVID: Pivoting Towards the Positive

Vilavanh Sanginthirath
Founder of Innovations City | Non-profit Board Member | Innovative Strategist

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How data saves B2B marketers time and resources
  • How she uses intent data and monitoring to guide strategies
  • How to target “diamonds in the rough”

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Networks Connect. Communities Care. Maximize Your Return on Relationship.

with Ted Rubin

Social media has recognized Ted with awards like #13 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and #2 on Leadtail Top 25 People Most Mentioned by Digital Marketers. He practices what he preaches -- building enthusiastic, energetic and personal connections. The basis of his philosophy is “Return on Relationship” or ROR. In fact, he wrote the book on it. Learn why he says B2B marketing and sales are missing the big ROR social opportunity.

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Using Authentic Content to Boost your Brand's Message

with David Schrieberg

David combines the best of journalism with the best of content marketing to give his customers the best in thought leadership content. He has a keen eye for what attracts an audience paired with understanding of what’s needed to convert that traffic into revenue. Listen to hear compelling reasons why B2B marketers, sales and buyers need authentic content.

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Leadership During a Crisis - Regalix TV Interview

with Brian Giese

Brian is a visionary when it comes to B2B marketing and sales. He started True Influence during the 2008 economic crisis and grew it without VC funds. Now he shares advice on leading a business through today’s challenges with RegalixTV host, Rajiv Parikh.

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Bringing a Softer Approach to B2B Demand Generation

with Tim Schneller

As a strategic and tactical leader, Tim has a rich background in go-to-market strategies. He’s noted for empowering and engaging globally distributed teams and building trust across both internal and external organizations is a strength. Hear him talk about the role of authenticity in leadership and in marketing.

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Moving Digital Forward: The Future of Demand Generation

with Laura Ramos

When marketers navigate the complexity of B2B demand generation, Laura Ramos is one of the guides they consult. Her research drills down into organization, technology, processes and customer experience. She shows CMOs how to connect the value of digital with buyer behavior, markets and channels. Hear her thoughts on leading people back to business through a field of distractions.

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“CMO Whisperer”: Building Your GTM Strategy Post-COVID

with Sheryl Pattek

Sheryl’s credentials include being named one of the “30 Most Influential Women in Martech” and a PRTech Award. Known as the "CMO Whisperer," she’s the voice of experience, having touched every aspect of corporate marketing in many industries. Listen and learn how to plan and accelerate your strategy as the economy reopens.

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