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Personalization at Scale

3 Prong Approach: Media, Offers, and Education Geared Towards Driving Pipeline and Revenue

Episode Summary

Recently, consumer lives have become more personalized, and a large majority of B2B decision-makers have been vocal about their preference regarding self-service personalized buying experiences. In this Accelerating Revenue Series episode, Mark Kilens, the VP of Content and Community at Drift discusses personalization at scale and specifically, personalized content from a marketing and sales perspective.

Content structure and execution are key to helping a business drive and grow pipeline and revenue, and according to Mark, the relationship between community and content should be prioritized in order to build trust with customers. Mark also discusses how to determine the best ways to use content to personalize experiences at scale for customers and how to engage with them the whole time with the intention of learning more.

Episode Insights

  • It’s essential to determine how to strategically use content to personalize experiences at scale for your customers. Nowadays, most people apply personalization efforts within their marketing strategy, and content is one of the largest drivers of pipeline and growth.

    Different messaging can be used for offers, education, and media geared towards customers, and the next step is to collaborate with your revenue marketing team before personalized content goes to your sales team. Focusing on topics, sub-topics, and micro-topics that matter to different personas is crucial followed by effective personalization.

  • Personalization happens on the marketing and sales side. It’s important to understand how to use content in conversations to create rich context for your sales team and to use content that’s geared towards starting conversations with your buyers.

    It’s ideal to engage with buyers in a personalized way, which can be through a chatbot, a sales development representative, or a knowledgeable account executive who can help you understand people’s pain points and challenges. You can then use that information as a bridge to connect with individuals and recommend the next best action for them.

  • It’s important to determine which trigger events happen in your company and what’s coming down the pipe in addition to being specific with messaging that has a real purpose. It’s your duty to plan, produce, promote, reflect, and ask yourself what can be done better or differently regarding content and campaigns.

    Using business intelligence tools can be helpful for reporting purposes as well as real-time insights to help you personalize some aspects of a customer’s journey down the road.

Key Takeaways

What will you learn from Mark Kilens’s episode?

  • The importance of using intent data to personalize people’s experiences and strategies to try when first getting started
  • The significance of practicing your ABC’s (always be capturing) and understanding the art and science behind personalized content
  • Tips and suggestions regarding campaign development, intent data usage, and accurately testing personalized content and its performance

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